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Veterinarians are medical specialists who are trained in the protection of health and wellbeing of animals and people. Their specific responsibilities include diagnosing and controlling animal diseases, treating injured or sick animals, preventing the spread of animal diseases to humans, and teaching pet owners on proper care and maintenance for their pets. Though many veterinarians enter the clinical practice, there are many other important career tracks that veterinarians might choose, including exotic animal medicine, reptile medicine, laboratory animal medicine, or research. Research veterinarians have played a critical role in the defeat of diseases like malaria, and have developed some important surgical techniques like limb and organ transplants for humans. Veterinarians will have gone through numerous years of post-secondary education and training.

It is important to consider contacting a vet as soon as you get your new pet. Do not wait until there is something wrong with your pet before finding a vet. You will want your pet to be seen as quickly as possible and finding a vet may not be as easy as you would imagine.

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